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A Moment to Pause

Weekly Devotionals

A Moment to Pause

Psalms 77:11-15

A book is made up of many chapters, and these chapters are meant to serve as a cue for the reader to pause. Without the chapters, the reader has to decide when to stop on their own. This can be played out in two ways: One, a person who hates reading may stop when they shouldn’t, so momentum is never built. The other, a person who is an avid reader may not know when to stop and continue on when they should’ve paused. I believe that our lives are similar in this way.

When things are going really well in life, we are caught up in the moment and we never pause to be intentional with God. Whereas when we’re in a difficult season, we are in a state of perpetual pause and we pray for the difficult season to end sooner than later.

Like chapters in a book, the chapters in our lives serve as an opportunity for us to pause. It is in these pauses that we are to look backward, forward, and the present to see God’s good and faithful workings in our lives.

So, when the end of a chapter in life comes, one should pause and do 3 things. These are not in any particular order. One is to look forward to the future and plan ahead: envision what are things that should be refined, improved or reinforced in your life in your pursuit of holiness. Two is to recognize what you can and should do in the present: understanding that each day is a gift from God. Three is to look back and see how far you’ve come, especially in terms of learning who God is and your relationship with God. Ask these questions: What did you (re)learn about God? What was God doing in and through you for yourself and others?

With us moving into a new building this past week, I could not help but to feel like it was a beginning of a new chapter for Jubilee.

As the new chapter was approaching, the staff paused and did these 3 things. They prayed and planned ahead, asking the Lord for a vision for the future. They also took the time to recognize all that needed to be done in the present. Lastly, it was an opportunity to look back and see how good and faithful God has been in the past 10 years in Sinsa.

But here’s the thing: You do not need to wait until a new chapter for you to take a moment to pause.

Take this week to pause. However, I want to invite you to do just one of the 3 things mentioned above. This week, which happens to be Passion week, pause and do what it says in Psalms 77:11-15 – remember and meditate on the deeds of our Lord Jesus. Remember that Jesus redeemed you by dying on the cross for your sins and that this was enough.