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A Visit From Jesus

Weekly Devotionals

A Visit From Jesus

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Seoul city

Not a street corner was stirring, not even a slight bitty;

The shops were all dark and the cash registered did nigh ring

And the familiar tunes of “Last Christmas”, this year no one sings.


Year-end parties were cancelled, and no one’s at church

Except for those where someone with COVID may lurch.

And no one’s gathering for white elephant gifts

With subway restrictions, past 9 are less lifts.


And just as everyone was depressed and annoyed

That this Christmas really sucked and was lacking of joy;

I was reminded of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago

About a little virgin named Mary and her betrothed hubby named Joe;


They had no Christmas tree, no eggnog, no ham dinners,

There was no inn to stay at in a world full of sinners;

When what to my wonder there came a wondrous sight

A holy baby was born on that holy silent night.


That precious boy was laid down in a manger

Out of the cold and from Herod and any other grave danger;

In the form of this baby boy cuddled in a ball

Was the savior of the world, and the Lord and Messiah of all.


And now He calls out, “Come David! Come Debbie! Come Timothy!”

And, “Come all my children, Come now to be with me!”

“Don’t be alarmed and don’t feel so sad,

When you celebrate with Jesus, this Christmas ain’t so bad!”


The joy is not just in the parties and songs;

Our Sunday video performances didn’t seem all that wrong.

When Jesus was born he didn’t have a huge party

It was only some shepherds, who barely made it there before they were tardy.


So instead of lining all our stockings with sweet candy canes

And instead of having to suffer through “All I want for Christmas” for the 1,000th time again

This Christmas, let’s remember of our once humble king,

Who in his humble birth didn’t need no other thing.


And let’s celebrate that one day, hopefully one day really soon;

That we’ll be partying forever in heaven and singing a new tune.

So this Christmas is so special, like none other before

That we also get to experience with Christ the humility He once bore.


So instead of self-pity and feeling all bad

Let’s reach out to those who also may feel so sad

Let’s call our brothers and sisters and give them a cheer

And reach out to those who need Christ, may this be their best year


And let’s watch a fun Christmas flick

Oh, you don’t know what movie to pick?

I’ll tell you what’s tops on my chart;

Ain’t no better Christmas movie in history than “Die Hard”!


And so God loved us so much He came into this world

And he gathered us up, His special precious pearls

So let’s worship our Lord, in all His glory and might;

And so I bid a happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Merry Christmas Everyone!