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All I Do is Lose…

Weekly Devotionals

All I Do is Lose…

In being a lover of all music, one of my favorite genres is Hip Hop.  There is one particular song by DJ Khalid titled All I Do Is Win.  The chorus reads:

All I do is win, win, win no matter what / Got money on my mind, I can never get enough / And every time I step up in the building / Everybody hands go up!

The song features T-Pain, Ludicris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross, but the lyrics communicate the simple message that as major players in the hip hop industry, they simply win by always getting what they want.  They can’t lose.

Certainly an odd transition, but this song reminds me of the disciples and their mentality during their time with Jesus…up until this week that is.

This week is Passion Week.  This past Sunday was Palm Sunday…and the time leading up to this week for the disciples had extreme moments of joy and victory.  They had to feel a sense of pride and with Jesus as their leader, even a sense of invincibility?  Imagine with me, witnessing God in the literal form of a human named Jesus, who couldn’t be fooled by any Pharisee, had the authority to calm the storm and cast out demons, yet remained blameless!  I am uncertain how often they felt this, but being a part of his discipleship would have me feeling confident that if I stick with Jesus, there is NO WAY I can lose in this life.  Sound familiar?

But here is what changes EVERYTHING.

Mark 13:9-13 reads:

9 “But be on your guard. For they will deliver you over to councils, and you will be beaten in synagogues, and you will stand before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them. 10 And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations. 11 And when they bring you to trial and deliver you over, do not be anxious beforehand what you are to say, but say whatever is given you in that hour, for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit. 12 And brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death. 13 And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

His gospel is one of suffering.  It wasn’t just something that Jesus believes for Himself and regularly taught.  He actively lived it out every day.

Yes, Jesus is sovereign.  Yes, Jesus is Master.  YES, HE IS Creator of all creation, but when we decide to enter into this life with Jesus and decide to follow Him, we need to be prepared to lose this life.  We need to be prepared to surrender everything for His name’s sake.  Jesus went into this week knowing it was going to be the last week of His life.  But this is what He came down to do.  Jesus came to “lose” and we need to be willing to do the same (Mark 8:35).


When we endure…when we believe in what He promised…when we hope in what happens in one week’s time…when we endure to the end…we “will be saved.”  This is the Gospel.

As we spend time reflecting this Passion Week, may we be challenged and humbled by His Words and His sacrifice.