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Weekly Devotionals

Always The Same

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024!

As our Jubilee community joined in together and counted down the last 10 seconds of the latest Earth-spin around the Sun, everyone was standing in anticipation. At least, everyone but my younger son, who threw his face into my shoulders in tears, crying, “Daddy, can we please go back to 2023? I don’t want it to be 2024!” Well this was not the emotion I was expecting, though he was clearly beyond his usual bedtime by a few hours and you never know what you may get from a 7-year-old in this situation.

However, as I began to combine my reflections of his state with my own and those around us, there is no denying that those gathered all over the world in various places were experiencing or preparing for similar feelings. Maybe 2023 was a golden year for you and it is hard to imagine 2024 comparing. Or, perhaps you have been praying for the calendar year to change for the last month, hoping for things to bring better results.

Regardless of our nostalgic death-grip on the days of old, or the glorious expectations of what’s to come in contrast to hard times, we are only ever in one moment of time, only moving forward.

The good news? God is in all times and he does not change. He is the hope for the ways we try to resolve our past, do our best in the moment, and dream for the future. Hebrews 13:8 tells us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” He is the reality of what has moved us through our good and bad times, carries us through our present and makes wonderful plans of what’s to come.

So, as you take your time with these fresh steps into a fresh year, consider the greatest truth that remains the same, regardless of any force of nature or people. Jesus is the same Jesus and will remain the same Jesus. Jesus is our testimony that holds our life together as we make sense of this life and the purpose for the way forward. Be blessed this year and anchor yourself firmly on the immovable foundation that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus!