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Weekly Devotionals

As We Wait

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 27:13-14

In this past year and a half, the need for patience has shown up as a big theme. We have struggled with patience through the pandemic and waiting for things to open up, to see loved ones, waiting for vaccines and on and on. In this season, many of us have also been reflecting on our lives, feeling the need for change and considering next steps. Many have been asking questions like: Is it time to move? Change jobs? Take out or add something to my life rhythm? For many of us, when we realize something needs to change- we want it to happen right away.

We can be so impatient. We know this, right? We want to skip those in-between stages on the way to what is next. Maybe that is because we just want what we want when we want it. Maybe that is because we want to get the awkward in-between stage over with. Maybe it’s because it’s scary to be on the way to what is new or not yet fully known to us. Those factors and others unique to your situation all likely come into play. We can name our hungry desire to get to the finish line or what is next but then, we need to kindly meet that desire with the truth- we need to trust the slow work of God.

Many of us are asking good and needed questions about the lives we are building. We are making decisions and possibly making some life changes. The reflection and changes can be good and the Lord has great care for us and the decisions that make up our lives, but let us take care to not idolize finding “the answer” in those decisions or that end of goal of where we want to be. That has certainly never been the point of this life. The point is not our vocations, relationships or geographic location. The point is our walk with the Lord and being ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. In our desire to make the “right” decision and our impatience to move on to what is next, let us not forget what is truly the point.

I’ll end with a quote from Emily P. Freeman that has spoken to me deeply on what is truly the point as we may grapple with impatience to get to what is next as soon as possible and to know what is next with perfect clarity:

“We live in the strong and unshakable Kingdom of God-but when we perseverate on wanting assurance that we are doing the exact right thing and we want confirmation that now is the very right time and certainty that we are not missing any of the way- that is much like wanting to live in the Kingdom without the presence of the King. We won’t find certainty in a plan, but in a Person.”