Alex Lim

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03 Feb: Needs and Wants

I recently heard an author confess that the greatest struggles in life happened when he confused his needs and his wants. This quote made me think about my own struggles and whether I was also confusing things I wanted versus things I thought I needed. It also hits home because I’m always thinking about providing for my family and sometimes feel like we never have enough. When I think about my most fundamental needs, they really boil down to shelter and food and a job that pays for them.

Fritz Haber

11 Nov: The Power of Work

Who is the most influential person in history? It’s no doubt a debatable question without any clear answers. Based on one metric, the answer may be someone most of us have never heard of: Fritz Haber. Around the year 1900, there were roughly 1.5 billion people and some scientists feared that the population of the world would plateau amid mass starvation because we would not be able to sustain the growth rate due to lack of food production.

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26 Aug: Teaching Your Children

Parents are always teaching their kids. Even before they are born, we try to impart words of knowledge, love, and affection so that a part of us can rub off on them. As they grow, the instructions become more deliberate and constant. There’s a tug and pull between letting them be themselves and controlling their behavior. Obeying parents isn’t a natural disposition as they come to terms with their own will to power.

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27 May: Who Would God Vote For?

We’re about to enter another act in political theater, in yet another election cycle. Sometimes I wonder where God stands on many of our modern day issues. I want to know whose side God is on and I want to be on the same side. In other words, who would God vote for?  Luke reminds us that God often isn’t taking any side politically, but that isn’t to say He is disinterested either. 

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18 Mar: A Child of Suffering

Today we mourn the loss of 50 people in New Zealand from another senseless shooting spree. They are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, and each has a name, a testimony to tell, and are made in the image of God. I cannot begin to comprehend why someone would want to murder women and children. Most suffering is incomprehensible but especially at times like this when there’s such a disconnect between reality and perception.