David Hwang


11 Dec: Be Great??

For our devotion this week, I felt led to remind us that what it is to be “great” in the eyes of God is vastly different from what is “great” in the eyes of the world. We can see this truth very clearly in this story of John the Baptist. By this point in his life, John the Baptist was arrested and as I’m sure he probably knew, he was soon be executed. Therefore, though he was a man who in the face of persecution from the religious authorities of the day, not only boldly called all to repent to turn back to God but also boldly declared Jesus as the promised Messiah, in this moment we find John the Baptist doubting his faith in Jesus. 


02 Oct: Well Rested

With Chuseok starting this past Thursday and tomorrow being National Foundation Day (btw, if you curious what this holiday is about, here is a link that will give you a brief overview of what it is https://www.90daykorean.com/national-foundation-day-in-korea/), today marks the 2nd to the last day of a long and welcomed break. In lieu thereof, I felt that it was appropriate to remind us of the importance of rest.

white clay vases on table

08 Jan: When the Wine Runs Out

This past Saturday marked the end of Footstool’s Member Care Retreat. For those that might not know, Footstool is an amazing organization (https://www.footstool.org/) that supports missions work in the 10/40 window (https://joshuaproject.net/resources/articles/10_40_window). One of the main ways they do so is by running a retreat for missionaries that serve on the mission field. As long as they can make their own way to Korea, this retreat is free of charge for those missionaries who register, starting from the shuttle bus that will pick them up at the airport to the shuttle bus that will drop them off at the airport one the retreat is finished.