Joe Park


14 Jan: Waiting In The Wrong Fastpass Line

I’d like to share a brief story about something that happened to me at the Salt Lake City Airport last summer. I was in Utah visiting my brother David, and after my time there, I was planning to fly out to Portland, Oregon, where many of my friends still live. I had heard that domestic flights in the US could have really long lines lately due to strict TSA security checks, so I made sure to get there at least a couple of hours in advance of my flight to ensure I had sufficient time.

view of two persons hands

05 Feb: A Father to the Fatherless

If you know someone who is going through hardships in life, I want to ask you to pray for them today. Can we ask God to reveal Himself to them as their good Father? But not only that, Psalm 68:5 tells us that God is not only their “potential” good father, but that He is ALREADY IS their Father, and that He is the defender of those who cannot defend themselves. And a big way He does that is through His people, whom He has called to be His children and His family. I ask all of us to not be blind to the hurts of this world, but to open our eyes to injustice and the pain of those who are suffering around us… and let’s do something… anything!