Penelope Kim

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26 Mar: Remembering The Source

Lately whenever I find myself starting to take credit, even in my own head, Paul’s insistence on refusing to do so at all flashes like an indicator light in my brain. It makes me pause, collect my words, and rephrase before I speak so that what I say more accurately reflects the real source of whatever good happening I’m about to claim responsibility for creating.

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25 Dec: But God

Merry Christmas to you! As we retell the story of Jesus’ birth each year we are invited again to contemplate and discover new wisdom for our lives. This year the unlikely way God chose for His Son’s grand entrance on earth strikes me yet again: in the form of a baby, born in a nondescript location, to nobody parents. I feel sure that any of us asked to choreograph the event would have scripted it differently, but God was certain His will would be accomplished and had nothing to prove to humans, and the newborn Messiah took His first naps in an animal’s food trough.


02 Oct: The Gift of Forgiveness

Recently, forgiveness has been on my mind. Humanity’s universal need for it, and our world’s growing and problematic shortage of it.

One friend shared with me the story of how, inspired by a book, before sending their child off to college she and her husband asked their child, “What hurts in the past do Mom and Dad need to ask your forgiveness for?” This difficult but simple question triggered wonderful healing and growth in their family.