Sam Osee

person's hands forming triangle

04 Feb: Compelled To Connect

Here we come to a part in the Book of Acts where apostle Paul is traveling with Silas and Timothy in Macedonia, modern day Greece.  As they are preaching to a group of women at a place of prayer (church), one of the women named Lydia becomes a believer of Christ. PTL! In fact, “she (Lydia) and the members of her household were baptized”.  What an amazing story of conversion!  


29 Aug: Finding Grace Through Heartbreaks

Is it just me or does it feel like we are in a nightmare we can’t seem to wake up from these days?  It’s been well over a year, going on two.  I’m sure many of you feel like there’s no end to this whole COVID world we all live in now.  There was a time like this in my life when my despair had no end.  But not to depress anyone any more than already these days, there’s a happy ending.  I pray that God’s story through my life will be an encouragement and hope this week.