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BFS Lesson Eight –  05/03/2015

Weekly Devotionals

BFS Lesson Eight –  05/03/2015

Nehemiah 7-8

1. When was the last time when you felt completely overcome by joy? What made you feel such deep gladness?

2. Why did Nehemiah give special instructions about guards and locked gates?

3. Why is it so important for Nehemiah at this point to reinforce the family roots of those dwelling in the land?

4. Why did they gather at the gate instead of the temple?

5. What was “the book of the law” that Ezra read to the people?

6. What do you observe about the people’s attitude toward the Book of the Law of Moses (Pentateuch, First 5 books) in Nehemiah 8:1-5?

7. In Nehemiah 8:9-11 what do you observe about the people’s response to God’s Word? What do you observe about the leaders’ response to their response? How do you respond to these responses?

8. What does it mean to understand God’s Word?  How is understanding with your mind important?  What does it mean to understand with your heart and will?

9. How can you emulate the response of the Israelites in your own life?  What specific changes in your relationship to the Word of God do you feel the need to change?