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BSF Lesson 10 – James 5:1-12

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson 10 – James 5:1-12

Observation Questions

  1. What themes, ideas, or key words do you see here?
  2. List themes or big ideas you find in each of these sections of this passage:

Interpretation Questions

  1. What sins have the wealthy committed to merit the harsh language of James’ rebuke? Are they guilty simply for being wealthy, or for other reasons? (Review from Lesson 5)
  2. How would you define patience? What do our lives look like when we exercise patience? How is patience related to “strengthen your hearts”/ or “standing firm” (NIV) (v. 8)?
  3. James encourages his readers to exercise patience by reminding them of the Lord’s return. (vv. 7-8). How does looking forward to the coming of the Lord help us to stand firm and be patient?
  4. What hints does James give about overcoming our tendency to complain? (v. 9)
  5. (optional) Why does James speak against a person taking “oaths”?  Who else spoke against such action?

Application Questions

  1. Many of us are relatively wealthy or will become wealthy in the future. What principles have you learned from the book of James that guide how you should grow and use your wealth in a way that honors God?
  2. Do we have too much stuff and how should this study change the way we shop or consume?

Personal Reflection

  1. Regardless of how wealthy you are, what can you do this month with your money to honor God and bless your brothers in Christ? (get involved with different projects: