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BSF Lesson 3 – James 1:13-18

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson 3 – James 1:13-18

Opening Question 
1. Can you think of a time when a seemingly small mistake turned into something much bigger?

Observation Questions
1. What key words do you notice in this passage? These are words that are either theologically significant or that set the theme or big idea for the passage. Remember to especially look for frequently repeated words.

2. List out everything James says about God in this passage.

Interpretation Questions 
1. Note that the word “trial” in 1:2,12 is the same basic Greek word translated “tempted” in 1:13,14 (noun “peirasmos” in vv2,12; verb “peirazo” in vv13,14). So even though “trial” and “tempted” seem very different in English, they are actually translations of the same Greek word! What does this teach us about the relationship of trials and temptations in our lives? How are they similar and how are they different?

2. Why does James stress the fact that God is not the author of temptation?  Why should this truth matter to us when we encounter temptation?

3. When tempted, especially by desires that feel shameful, many believers are overwhelmed by guilt. Is that response valid? Are we guilty before God for the sinful desires that come to our minds, or are we only guilty if we give in? How should we respond when we begin to feel tempted towards sin? See 1 Corinthians 10:13, Galatians 5:16-23, and Philippians 2:12-13.

Application Question 
1. Based on your study of this lesson, practically speaking, what should you do the next time you face temptation?

2. Spend a few minutes thinking back through the details of the last time you gave into a sinful temptation.  Do you recall a similar progression to what James describes in vv14-15?  How was your experience similar to what James describes  How was it different?