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BSF Lesson 4 – James 1:19-27

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson 4 – James 1:19-27

Observation Questions
1. What key words do you notice in this passage? (Key words, Themes)

2. James contrasts two ways of “hearing” in this passage.  What are they?

Interpretation Questions 
1. What is the “word implanted” that they are to receive  (v21)?  What must they do to “receive” it according to the rest of the passage?

2. Using just this passage, fill in the two columns below by listing out the consequences of each choice – either to “hear and do” God’s Word or to “hear without doing” His Word.

“Hearing without doing” vs “Hear and do”

3. In your own words, explain James’ point in the metaphor of vv23-24.  How do we avoid becoming like this forgetful man?

4. What is the law of Liberty? Why does James describe this law as.. …perfect?

5. How do vv26-27 relate to the rest of the passage and to the book as a whole?

6. Why does James focus our attention on widows and orphans?  What does it mean to “visit them in their distress”?  What was lifel ike for these two groups in the first century?

Application Questions 
1. Why do we struggle to practice what we hear in God’s Word?

2. What will you do this week to help the vulnerable and needy?