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BSF Lesson 6 – James 2:14-26

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson 6 – James 2:14-26


Observational Questions

  1. What key words do you notice in this passage? Themes?
  2. What question does this passage seek to answer?

Interpretation Questions

  1. In this passage, James is making a distinction between faith alone, without good works, and faith joined with good works.  Verse 14 clearly implies that faith without works cannot “save” us.  But save us from what?
  2. What does James mean in v17 when he says that “faith without works is dead”?   Use the following steps to help you answer this question.   Compare v17 and v20.  How does this verse help you understand what he means by “dead”?
  3. Did Paul and James preach the same gospel, or were they at war with one another?  Compare Paul’s teaching on faith and works: Romans 3:28, 4:1-25 to James 2:21-24 How do you explain the apparent contradiction in these passages?

Application Question

  1. We get caught up in the theological controversy of this passage, but the application is straight-forward.  What is this application?  How is this passage actualized for us today?
  2. Do our actions, decisions and priorities reflect our commitment to Jesus? If not why?