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BSF Lesson 7 – James 3:1-12

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson 7 – James 3:1-12

Observation Questions

  1. What key words to you notice in this passage? These are words that are either theologically significant or that set the theme or big idea of the passage.

Interpretation Questions

  1. How does the idea of speech fit into the flow of the book of James?  How does this passage relate to what came before and what comes after?
  2. This passage begins with a sobering warning regarding our speech! Why do teachers receive an even stricter judgment?
  3. Look through the passage and identify the figurative images used for the tongue.  What point is James trying to make by these comparisons?
  4. Why is it so difficult for us to “tame the tongue?” What is the ultimate source of the difficult problem we have with our tongues? (See Matthew 15:16-20.)

Application Question

  1. Even though no one has perfect control of their speech, what are some practical steps you can take this week so that the Spirit has greater influence in the words you use?

Personal Reflection Question (Assign as something to think about during the week)

  1. What are some ways you use words to harm others? Think of specific examples. Can you identify any situations or patterns in which you are prone to hurt others with your speech (like particular emotions, times, people, or environments)? If you are courageous enough, ask a friend to give you some honest feedback about your speech.