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BSF Lesson Eleven-  05/24/2015

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson Eleven-  05/24/2015

Nehemiah 13

  1. What’s the difference between obedience motivated by love and obedience motivated by a reward?
  2. Who was Tobiah?  And what was the fuss about him in 13:4-9?
    •  Why was intermarriage so frowned upon?
  3. If you read 13:4-31 and compare it to the vows they made in 10:30-39, you see that Israel violated every single one of them.  Why do you think they fell back into their old ways in these same exact things?
  4. Why do you think Nehemiah ends like this? What can we learn from the whole book of Nehemiah?
  5.  So Nehemiah has mainly been about rebuilding walls to safeguard the identity of God’s people and cultivate His presence.   We shared some of these personal applications earlier on in the semester.  How have things (that which needs to be repaired/rebuilt) developed for you?
    What can you do to prevent falling back into old habits that break down that which has been built up?
  6.  What does it mean for you/us to not neglect the House of God? (1 Cor. 3)
  7.  In what ways do we as the people of God today allow tolerance of sin to creep into our lives?