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BSF Lesson Four – 3/15/2015

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson Four – 3/15/2015

Nehemiah 2:11-3:32

1) Procrastination…good or bad? How do you know when to seize windows of opportunity?

2) What do you think Nehemiah did during his first three days?

3) Why did he inspect the walls at night? Why so secretive? Why does he do this before calling the leaders together to rebuild?

4) How does Nehemiah respond to opposition? Who does he mention and who does he not mention as the Confidence of Jerusalem? In the real practice of your life, who/what is your confidence?

5) Reading through Ch. 3 what kind of participation is involved? What kinds of people were involved in this rebuilding effort?

6) What spiritual illustrations can you see in these gates?

7) Neh. 2:17 talks about derision, or dishonor, or disgrace, what kinds of disgrace do you see people around you working hardest to avoid? Read the following passages, and comment on what kind of disgrace the Bible would teach us to hate? (Psalm 79:9-10, Proverbs 30:7-9, Jeremiah 14:20-21) (*questions taken from Nielsen’s study on Nehemiah)

8) What areas of your life (”gates” related to question 6) need to be rebuilt?