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BSF Lesson One – 2/15/15

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson One – 2/15/15

1. Who are the people in Nehemiah? Where did these people come from  Who are these families who are struggling to rebuild a broken-down city?

2. Read the following verses and discuss what special promises God makes to his people?

a. Abrahamic – Genesis 12:1-3
b. Mosaic – Exodus 19:3-6
c. Davidic – 2 Samuel 7:16

3. What does it mean to be God’s people?  Consequences of Disobeying God’s Laws.

4. According to 1 Chronicles 9:1, what happened to God’s people?

5. Read 2 Kings 17:5-15, what patterns of human unfaithfulness do you observe? How does God deal with unfaithfulness? Blessing of God’s Mercy

6. Read the following verses, first simply to marvel at God’s merciful, sovereign hand in returning his people from exile. Read the verses again and note any specific observations or phrases you want to remember.

a. Isaiah 44:24-45:13 (This specific prophecy by Isaiah is written during the decline and fall of the northern kingdom, approx. 150 years before Cyrus was even born)
b. 2 Chronicles 36:20-23

7. How can we be part of God’s chosen people? Read Galatians 3, write down key phrases for this chapter that point to how we do indeed become God’s people?

8. How is the Old Testament story our story?

9. What do these verses tell us about God?