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BSF Lesson Seven – 04/19/2015

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson Seven – 04/19/2015

Nehemiah 6

1. Do you believe in spiritual warfare?  Describe the most recent spiritual warfare you’ve ever experienced whether subtle or explicit?  When does it come the strongest and why at those times?

2. What prompted Nehemiah’s enemies to summon him to a meeting in vv. 1-2? How is their approach different from Ch. 4:1-8?  Why would they go about things in this way?  How did Nehemiah respond to the offers and threats in vv. 3-4?

3. How did Nehemiah’s enemies change tactics in v. 5-7? How did Nehemiah respond to this tactic?

4. What did the enemy gain by seeding division among the Jews?  How did an “open letter” attempt to accomplish this?  How does gossip undermine leadership in the church today?  (v5)

5. What made Shemaiah’s deception particularly devious?  What clues did Nehemiah uncover that hinted about the deception? How did Nehemiah discern whether or not the message was from God (and how can we)?

What stands out about Nehemiah’s response in v. 11?

How can we battle the temptation by the enemy to fear?

6. What role did prayer play in Nehemiah’s defense against these enemy attacks? (v. 9 and 14)

7. What insights does this passage shed on the truth of spiritual warfare?  On the persistence of the enemy?

8. According to Nehemiah 6:16 what was one significant part of God’s purpose in drawing a ring of enemy nations around Judah? How might this affect your perspective on the world today?

9. What kind of intense opposition are you facing today, whether at work, school, home, other relationships, walk with God, etc.?  How can you apply the lessons you’ve learned here in Nehemiah 6?