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BSF Lesson Three – 3/08/2015

Weekly Devotionals

BSF Lesson Three – 3/08/2015

Nehemiah Chapter 2:1-10

God’s Man with God’s Plan

1) When was the last time you were nervous or fearful? Why?

2) Why are the dates mentioned in both the beginning of ch.1 and ch. 2? (v1)

3) What made Nehemiah afraid? (v2)

4) Why is it significant that Nehemiah took a moment to pray before answering? (v4)

5) What did Nehemiah ask from the king? (vv5-9)

6) What do you notice about Nehemiah’s request in vv. 5-8? Is it vague or specific? How did it get this way?

7) How is your relationship with your superiors?

8) Does prayer always require “prayer time”?

9) When it comes to planning and organizing, how would you describe yourself?

10) What is the vale of permission and blessing? Why can’t we just do what we want when we want?

11) In light of last week’s question, “What in your life or context is in need of repair and rebuilding?How would you envision change/solution/difference? And what intentional plans can you make to get there? What specific means would you need to acquire to make it happen? How can Nehemiah’s life serve as a pattern for you?