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Elementary Aged Children

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry (CM)

learn about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus

We serve the Jubilee Community by providing a place where children can come to learn about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. We share about what the Bible teaches on the character of God and His love for His people through stories and interactive discussions. Our volunteers enjoy worshipping with the children and building relationships with them as mentors to become followers of Jesus.

please direct questions to:

our location

Jubilee Church 3rd Fl Jubilights Wing

Meeting times

Sundays   |   10.00am – 11.45AM

Class descriptions

We have four classes

JubiWees is our child care ministry for children age 2 (This class beings a 10:20AM)

JubiMinis is for preschool aged children ages 3-5 

JubiJrs is for children in grades 1 and 2 

JubiSrs is for children in grades 3 and 4 

NOTE: 5th graders worship at our Jubilee Youth Ministry (JYM) in the JYM 1 class.

if this is your first time

Visitors are welcome to join all of our CM classes!

Simply head directly to the appropriate classroom for your child’s age and register your child’s information with a CM volunteer.