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Weekly Devotionals


When we think about changes that occurred throughout the church’s history, we may realize that there is always a side that holds onto a certain structure, system of thoughts, and practices and the other that likes to challenge them as they do not appear to be aligned with the “new revelation” that appears to be what the Spirit does.

However, we would also notice that these changes soon become new forms of structure, systems of thoughts, and practices. Pondering upon this pattern, we may begin to think “what is the point of any pursuit for creating changes and challenges in our attempt to be faithful to God’s word?” Especially in various seasons when the church re-evaluates and changes the current ways to be the church, we can also easily notice the same pattern occurring in the church. Where should we look to?

When we look at the book of Acts, we can easily witness that the early church goes through many changes. Yet, we see that these changes were not introduced as the next new thing nor the antidote to the existing issues in the church. Instead, these changes were made as the church followed what the Spirit was doing.

The Spirit, the giver of life, is the one who enabled the creation of the Father in Genesis and the one who will accomplish the new creation of the Father in Jesus Christ. Therefore the mission of any church is the mission of this same Spirit. The church’s mission is God’s mission.

As obvious as this may sound, this lays very critical application points that many of us often overlook. Here are a couple points for us to contemplate and use as our guiding measure of any pursuit for church’s reform.

  1. We must humble ourselves to see what the Spirit is ALREADY doing in a community. We often feel as if we are Joshua, bringing God’s kingdom into a place without God.
  2. As we do so, our tendency to embrace a change or a “new” program as superior to the existing culture and programs diminishes. In fact, as we focus on following the Spirit’s work, there is no better or superior program that elevates one side to be right or wrong. Instead, it becomes a faithful response to God’s mission in the world.
  3. Lastly, as we tune our ears to what the Spirit is already doing, we pay attention to the contexts, stories, and struggles of the people.

So, with the need for continual reform and change that are always needed in the midst of a fast-changing society, I pray that we will find our source of creativity from the peace that comes with the Spirit