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Timeless Reminder

Joshua 3:14-17 14 So when the people broke camp to cross the Jordan, the priests carrying the ark of the…

Gourd's Prayer
The Gourd’s Prayer

As I was waiting for a Mother’s Day bouquet to be assembled in a floral shop recently, I couldn’t help observing the “messages” that were being communicated in this family’s second-home. There was an older gentleman that was reading a newspaper with his spectacles hanging off the tip of his nose.

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Compelled To Connect

Here we come to a part in the Book of Acts where apostle Paul is traveling with Silas and Timothy in Macedonia, modern day Greece.  As they are preaching to a group of women at a place of prayer (church), one of the women named Lydia becomes a believer of Christ. PTL! In fact, “she (Lydia) and the members of her household were baptized”.  What an amazing story of conversion!