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Weekly Devotionals

Do Good, Be Fearless

I have been doing a devotional with a book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “The Cost of Discipleship” and wanted to share a small passage with our community. It spoke to me profoundly.

“If only Christians will concentrate on perceiving what is good and on doing it as God commands, they can live ‘without fear of the authorities.’…. What has the Christian to fear so long as he remains faithful to his Lord and does that which is good?… It does not matter what others do, but what we do. Do that which is good, without fear, and without limit or reserve…. If you want to be fearless, do good”.

We don’t do good to receive praise or for ulterior motives, we do good because it’s the Will of God, and therefore it’s the right thing to do. And because it’s the right thing to do, we ought be fearless.  We don’t do good because we think good things will happen to us like a karma cycle. Often times it doesn’t, and it is often costly, and therefore as the author says we have to be fearless and do it with great resolve.

And now more than ever, both individually and corporately as a body of Christ, we are called to do good, when the shifting sands of the secular culture are so murky. In love and in obedience, do good, speak the truth, be strong and stay fearless.

Have a wonderful week everyone!