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Do You Know Who You Are?

Weekly Devotionals

Do You Know Who You Are?

Gal 4:7 “Therefore, you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God.”

I recently got a chance to watch a highlight of a Korean drama.
In the story, there are two sisters who find out that their biological parents lost them when they were young and so these two were raised by their adoptive parents. Their current parents are extremely poor but their biological parents are one of the riches families in Korea. Their biological parents found them and now they get to live a totally new life as part of this new rich family. But it was very interesting to note a difference in the way each sister integrated into this new life.

The first sister seemed to adapt really well to this family at first – she tried to do everything right. She worked and tried hard to fit into this new family environment by learning their mannerisms and etiquettes, talking, dressing, acting, and even walking as they do and she excelled in them. But on the inside, everything was driven by fear: fear of not meeting their expectations, fear that she’ll disappoint them, fear that they might not like her and even reject her in the end. She constantly worried about how her parents felt about her, trying not to upset or disappointed anyone, always smiling and saying yes. She always asked first when it came to using stuff in her house. In other words, she did not really believe that she was part of this new family.

On the other hand, the second sister made many mistakes and failed to do some of the things that were required of her by this rich family. But she was confident that she was part of this new family now and she was the daughter who was loved by her biological parents. So she wasn’t so preoccupied on trying to please and measure up to their expectations but had freedom to do many things. Knowing that she had everything at her disposal, she freely used anything she wanted to use in her house without asking. She even expressed her anger or frustration at her new parents knowing that she’s really their daughter and no matter what, they wouldn’t reject or abandon her.

When I saw the contrast between these two sisters, I was reminded of our identity in Christ. When we become part of God’s family, we are no longer slaves or sinners but sons and daughters of our loving God. The bible says that we are his children, his friend, and co-heirs with Christ. And we have everything that Christ has accomplished for us at our disposal. We don’t have to perform or work in order to please God out of fear. We have the love of God 24/7 no matter what we do and we have free access to His resources. We can live in freedom and confidence knowing God is our daddy and He pours out His abundant grace and blessings to us.

So my question to you is, do you know who you are? Has this new identity set in you? My prayer for us in 2018 is that this identity will
set in us and that we’ll walk in our true identity in freedom, confidence and joy.