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Fasting and Intimacy

Weekly Devotionals

Fasting and Intimacy

And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days, being tempted by the devil. And he ate nothing during those days. And when they were ended, he was hungry. – Luke 4:1-2

Last week P. Dave asked us as a church to fast together to pray over our building situation. As a pastor of this church I felt an obligation to join. But also, for a while now, I had felt a need to fast even on my own, and so it was a great opportunity for me to not only participate in the corporate fast, but also to fast for other things in my life.

When I say I needed to fast for other things, there’s a lot of other things that are going on that I need to pray over. I need to pray for my kids and their education. I need to pray for deeper intimacy and relationships at home with my wife and children. I need to pray for God’s future path for me in ministry. I need to pray for God’s provisions in every detail of our lives. And this list can go on and on and on…

But, you know what the fascinating thing about fasting is? As I fast, all of those prayer topics seems to go by the wayside one by one. It’s not that those things are not important. In fact, God knows they are very important. But, what God wants more than anything else is for us to want more of him. Intimacy with God is the most important thing we can ever have, and God wants us to desire this.

It’s amazing what happens when you fast. I’m not talking about fasting media or coffee or desserts, although we have freedom in Christ to fast anything. I’m talking about going without any food at all for a few days. It’s not that you just get hungry. But, as you get hungry, your senses become so much more keen and aware. I walked into my house past 11pm after doing church ministry on
Wednesday night, and I could still smell the kimchi fried rice that my wife had made for my oldest daughter 5 hours before, and I could just taste it on my tongue. You also become physically weak, and your brain does not function properly. This debilitates you for a little while until you can get used to the hunger, but more than anything, it makes you feel so powerless. You realize how
dependent you are on food, but more than that, as your senses become more keen, even your sense of the Holy Spirit, you come to realize how much you need God. More than the desire for food, you realize how much we should desire God, and how much God desires us. It frees our senses to see and taste that the Lord is good, and all the small blessings in life that he allows us to have are good.

I was driving to church on Thursday morning, listening to my latest audiobook by John Ortberg The Me I Want to Be, and the
chapter I was listening to was a chapter on surrendering everything to God. And then I listened to the praise song, Living
, and I cried. I cried at the thought that God loved me so much that he would come and die for me, and I have to surrender all to him so I can be intimate with him… and God is all that I need.

Perhaps, some of you want that intimacy with God, and if so, I encourage you to fast for a day or two or more. But more than anything else I encourage you to seek out intimacy with God that is greater than anything else the world can offer.