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Fierce Love

Weekly Devotionals

Fierce Love

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

For much of my life as a Christian, I’ve had a difficult time with evangelism.  Evangelism is colloquially understood to be sharing the gospel message with non-believers. I’ve passed out tracts to strangers, started cold conversations with people on the street, been part of street skits and pantomimes telling the story of the gospel in a modern way.  I’ve developed genuine friendships with non-believing neighbors and have lived as salt and light.  There are many ways to share one’s faith with non-believers, many ways to evangelize.  None are right/wrong or better/worse per se.  And there is much that can be said about what it really means for believers to evangelize; i.e. do we all need to preach/proclaim? isn’t it enough for us to just show love; do we have to speak out?  what does it mean to be a witness, to testify?  No matter how you look at it, evangelism always involves an inside-out movement, from whatever believers hold true inside themselves to whatever expression is revealed outwardly to others.

And this is what makes evangelism difficult, because evangelism frequently involves some level of rejection.  It’s not simply some detached message that we’re presenting that gets rejected; it’s the essence of my life!  Thus, we feel it personally.  So when people turn down our efforts to evangelize or share the good news, it can make us feel like a reject, perhaps even “a loser” in the eyes of the world. Adding to the difficulty, many of us don’t know what to say or how to defend our faith to atheistic skeptics, and that can be intimidating.  Some of us worry about our image, not wanting to be associated with narrow-minded, backwards fundamentalists who haven’t woken up to the 21st century yet.  Sometimes, we don’t want to misrepresent God b/c so many Christians do misrepresent Him; and so we stay silent (and sometimes this is actually needed for a season).

But despite all this, there is a truth and a reality in which we need to align ourselves… that God loves the people of this world.  That is the bottom line for God.  He loves them because He created them.  Just as any loving parent would search day and night, with every and any means, to search for their lost child (think of the movie “Taken” or “Searching”), how much more does God desire for all of His lost ones to be found?  And this is where we need to find our alignment.  God’s bottom line needs to be our bottom line.  As we are aligned with God in His love for the world, we too will begin to love the world like He does.  And when we love as fiercely as God does, rejection will matter to us about as much as someone criticizing the trendiness of my pants while I’m searching for my lost child.