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Weekly Devotionals

Following The Way, The Truth, The Life

Jesus answered “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” – John 14:6

Often times, we casually call ourselves Christians. This term that in church has become such a natural extension of how we present ourselves, carries a profound meaning, and yet, it has diluted in value by how familiar we are with the term. When we say we are Christians, we are really saying that we are followers of Jesus Christ. We are not following a philosophy or a distant idea, a set of rules; we are following a person, Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God in a very personal and transformative way.

But how do we follow Christ? This is an important question that we should not treat lightly. It’s easier to “peg” our Christianity through a series of checks: the programs we attend, the Christian books that we read, the Sunday’s we don’t miss and the offering commitments we keep. And while those things are important, if our Christianity is only defined by a set of “to dos” it’s a lifeless Christianity. We follow the person of Christ who claimed that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life!

We follow a Christ that not only left a teaching of incredible divine wisdom and truth, but in His 3 years of ministry that He spent on earth, a life that matched those teachings: the patience towards all of his disciples, as He was doing life together with them, the deep compassion to the disenfranchised and less fortunate across His life, the holy anger against hypocrisy, the forgiveness on the cross to the very people attacking Him. He showed us the way.

And as imperfect as we are, as His followers, our lives need to match and aim for that character of Christ in all of our endeavors. Only then we will truly experience LIFE. Jesus is LIFE.

I love the way Eugene Peterson, dissects John 14:6, in his book, The Jesus Way. “We can’t suppress the Jesus Way, in order to sell the Jesus Truth. The Jesus Way and the Jesus Truth must be congruent. Only when the Jesus Way is organically joined with Jesus Truth, do we get Jesus LIFE”.

This is how we follow Christ. This is why we are called Christians.