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Weekly Devotionals

God’s Invitation to Lament

As we learned from Rev. Dr Soong-chan Rah’s sermon yesterday, scripture has a long tradition of faith filled lamentation.

Throughout the psalms of lament, we hear the voices of those that did not shy away from crying out to God about what they thought was unjust in the world.

Prayers of lamentation arise in us when we speak out to God, and to one another, in our stunned sadness by the tragedy of events of this world. Perhaps too often we turn away from lamentation because we feel it makes us appear weak or helpless, but in doing this we forget that in Matthew 5:5 Jesus called weeping a blessed state. Let us be reminded that our cries are not too much for God and that God laments with us, and he wants us to come to him in our despair, hopelessness, anger, fear, pain and confusion.

In the Psalms there are four elements to lament, 1) Turning to God – choosing to talk to God about what is causing pain and despair, 2) Bringing a complaint – humbly identifying what we see as wrong or unfair and is causing pain, frustration and sorrow. 3) asking God for help – as an act of faith while in pain, and 4) choosing to trust in him – renewing our commitment to trust in God as we navigate the brokenness of the world.

Following the desperately tragic events in Itaewon over the weekend our hearts are filled with sorrow and pain.

Let us be reminded of our divinely given invitation to lament as we grieve together as a church at this time.