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Greet Each Other With A Holy Kiss

Weekly Devotionals

Greet Each Other With A Holy Kiss

Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send greetings. – Romans 16:16

As part of my recent transition in becoming a full-time pastor at Jubilee Church, one of the new responsibilities that I have taken on is to be the pastor overseeing our welcoming team. As I was meditating on what that role would entail, I started thinking back at all the different churches I had attended or visited over the years, and it occurred to me that there was always one thing in common that I remember. I don’t remember any of the sermons. I don’t remember any of the praise songs. I don’t remember the faces of all the pastors. But, what I do remember is the warmth of the person that always spotted me as the newcomer in the crowd and came up to me to say hi. It was strange how that was the one thing that always seemed to leave a lasting impression on me.

The book of Romans is one of my favorite books of the Bible. It is so rich with Paul’s theology on salvation. But, one thing that is really unique about this letter, is that the entire final chapter (Chapter 16) is dedicated to greeting various people in the Roman church. Name after name after name is mentioned in this chapter. Some of these people we know are probably very relevant and important figures at the church of Rome, but some of the people we simply do not know enough to comment on. However, Paul makes a very special effort to mention as many people as he can.

Today, the church should be one of the most welcoming places in a cold and cutthroat world that we live in. However, we are often so busy to receive and be fed by the church that we forget to simply look around at the different faces of the people next to us. We make excuses and say that because we are introverted that it should be the job of the Welcoming Team or pastors to say hi to people. However, let us not forget that the church is the house of the Lord, and everyone who steps into that house are guests of the Lord. The Greek word for church is Ecclesia, which literally means ‘those who are called’. This should tell us that everyone who walks through the doors are called to be there by God.

This should not be limited to only Sundays, but instead let us make a habit of reaching out to our brothers and sisters all throughout the week. I challenge you this week when you pray to God, ask him to give you a name. It could be a random name, but ask God to give you a name of someone to pray for. And then reach out to that person this week and let them know that you are thinking of them, and ask them how you can pray for them. Let us greet each other this week, maybe not with a holy kiss, but at least with a holy ‘How are you doing’?

May your cup overfloweth with God’s love and mercy this week!