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Growing in the Cold?!

Weekly Devotionals

Growing in the Cold?!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Just when it seemed like the winter was breaking a bit, it’s cold again… argh. I don’t know if this is official, but in all the years that I’ve lived in Seoul (since 2001), this has got to be the coldest winter ever, both in temperature AND the duration of how long these cold temperatures have lasted. If you’re reading this from Seoul on Monday 2/5/2018, congratulations! Cause your high today is -5 with the low being -14, and this isn’t even with the wind chill factor. Tomorrow will be worse. The day after tomorrow a little better but not by much. And this is the month where it’s supposed to be warming up?!?!

All this to say that this prolonged and very cold winter got me thinking about what the winter says about our life of faith. And surely winter must and does have something to say! For our Lord is not the wasteful type, and in such, in every place and in every season, He surely has something to say to His people; something for us to see and learn more about concerning who He is and who we are in Him.

So when thinking of what the winter says about our faith, the first thing that popped up in my head was that the winter certainly teaches us to love the other seasons more, ha! The newness of spring, the warmth and light of the summer, and the harvest of the fall. So I concluded that in such, winter is here to teach and remind us of the place that longing and anticipation has in our faith. And this is certainly an important part thereof.

However, I wasn’t fully happy with this because I figured there had to be some goodness in winter itself and not because of the things to come after winter. So I started reading different articles and what not when I stumbled upon this info:

“Though it seems counter-intuitive, nevertheless, horticulturalists will tell you that some crops actually can grow and are harvested in the winter. Some of the more popular ones are onions, potatoes, cabbage and peas. These can all grow in the winter. In fact, low temperatures provide the best atmosphere for them to grow, and even raise the sugar content… “It has to do with the seasoning of the fruit. Anytime you partially break down the structure of the fruit, you tend to sweeten it.” Other fruit trees not blossoming during the winter still need cold weather.. that deciduous fruit trees “need so many chill hours to be able to regenerate and get ready to go into the next spring.“”

So in such, I had no choice then but to praise the Lord, even for the cold winter. For I realized that the winter season is not just about us learning to yearn, but also and especially, us learning to be less active and more still. For it is in this place of stillness that we can truly rest and be renewed in ways that we cannot otherwise.

So brothers and sisters, while the days are still short and the temperatures still low, let us bundle up and be still before the Lord. Take and use this season to really dig deeper in the word, in our prayer life, in finishing our unfinished projects, in improving in our work skillsets, in getting better at a hobby, etc., For the winter is a great and necessary time to grow! AMEN!