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Humility First

Weekly Devotionals

Humility First

This past week, our school had our annual revival.  We are fortunate enough to fly guest speakers in for the week to share the gospel of Jesus with our students.  However, that week isn’t just for the kids, the faculty are also called to engage and be blessed by the Word of the Lord.  One particular morning during our faculty devotionals, our guest Grant from Atlanta shared from 1 Peter 5:6~7.

6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (NIV)

It may be a familiar verse to us, and perhaps even a familiar VBS song for us that grew up in the church.  For many of us, verse 7 is usually the one that we can recite and find encouragement through.  Psalm 55:22 similarly reads…

22 Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you.

In reading this, we should be encouraged.  The verse itself is uplifting.  However, one thing that brought enlightenment that particular morning was how verse 7 NEEDS to be read in tandem with verse 6.  For those that can read the original Greek version, you may be one step ahead, but the NET and NLT speak to us in more familiar terms.

6 And God will exalt you in due time, if you humble yourselves under his mighty hand 7 by casting all your cares on him because he cares for you. (NET)

The original Greek writes verse 6 and 7 as ONE sentence, and when you read it as one…it changes everything.

There are many different points that can be made and many different sermons that can be preached concerning verses 6 and 7, but what the Lord spoke to me that morning wasn’t about freedom from anxiety or the joys of a carefree life in Jesus.  The focus was on humility.  We need to begin by humbling ourselves before the Lord.  When we tackle life thinking we can manage it on our own, pride and arrogance begin to fester.  However, when we realize that life’s challenges and struggles can’t be won without the humbling dependency upon Jesus…THAT is when we get to experience true freedom.

It starts by admitting to ourselves that “We Can’t.”

When we come to the realization that we can’t function without God, when we recognize that instead of being INdependent…we need to be DEpendent, when we shift the weight off of us to Him, when we comprehend that verse 7 hinges on the conviction of verse 6, then

…God will exalt you (KJV)

…He may lift you up (NIV)

…He will lift you up in honor. (NLT)

And what helps while living life is the appreciation that the Lord does not task us with life-challenges for His purpose.  He doesn’t give us life-assignments for God.  Life is experienced with God.

He has an amazing story written for each of us and He desperately wants to be included in it, not just the author of it.  It all begins by humbling ourselves before our Savior King.  May we encounter him and respond with this anointing this week.

Happy Lunar New Year everybody.