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I Am a Child of God

Weekly Devotionals

I Am a Child of God


Adopted.  Child of God.  Co-heirs with Christ.  These are all ideas that I still have to continuously remind myself everyday.  We hear them often enough on Sundays.  As I pursued a deeper relationship with God, it was clear that what my mind knew, my heart did not.  One illustration is a simple one like helping yourself to a drink.  At home, in your father’s home, do you ask your father or mother, “may I have a drink?” and wait for them to serve you?  No.  In your father’s home, if you are thirsty, you go to the fridge and help yourself because what is his is yours.  Now, if you go to an acquaintance’s home, you probably wouldn’t help yourself because the relationship isn’t the same.  I was still seeking God, the Father, in that awkward, stranger way, “Um, God, may I please have a glass of water?” instead of stepping into the identity that He gave me as soon as I came to Christ – one filled with the Spirit of adoption, boldness, power, and authority.  The main result of not fully understanding this truth is that we strive to become something that we already are.  Once we came to Christ, we were freed, but our identity and way of life did not change overnight.  This is the tension that will probably exist throughout our lives – what God has already done for us (ransomed, saved, redeemed) and what remains to be done in us (sanctification, maturity).  If we don’t know and stand in the first truth, we will be stuck trying to do for ourselves what God has already done.  We will forever be in that awkward place with Him never being satisfied.

Here’s another illustration from Neil. T. Anderson’s book The Common Made Holy:

Slavery in the United States was abolished by the 13th Amendment on December 18th, 1865.  How many slaves were there on December 19th?  In reality, none, but many still lived like slaves.  Many did, because they never learned the truth, others knew and even believed that they were free but chose to live as they had been taught.

At the retreat this past weekend, Elder Alex Lim spoke about habits.  We need to hear over and over again the identity and position we already have in Christ so that we can grow closer with God and live the abundant life (John 10:10). I challenge you to make the declaration of Romans 8:15 every day and stand in the truth of who you are:

I did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but I received the Spirit of adoption, by whom I cry out, “Abba, Father!”