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Weekly Devotionals

Jamming with the Holy Spirit!

For this devotional, you have to first watch this YouTube video in the link below. Please continue to read, only thereafter! It’s less than 4 minutes, AND, I say it’s pretty fun to watch. ^^

As mentioned in yesterday’s sermon (which is also linked below ), living a life of “Faith Unscripted” is like music in the sense that the scales themselves are not the actual music. At the same time however, one cannot make music (at least not well!) without thorough knowledge and sound understanding of the scales. Much more than not, the best musicians are those who have most mastered the foundations of music; the scales, the theories, etc. Therefore, they can be and are those who are the most freed to harness the full potential and possibilities of music. One of the highest levels of music is the art of improvisation; the spontaneous creation of music and this, especially with other musicians.

As you can see in this video, we see this spontaneity and it is nothing short of beautiful! Please take note of the following:

1. The woman in the video took advantage of some free time she must’ve had while in transit somewhere, to jump on an available piano. I trust that this was something that she most likely did not plan (unscripted) when going to the airport.

2. Another passer-by, who was a saxophone player, saw and heard what was going on and though he most likely also did not plan for this, he decided to jump in and play with her.

3. At about the 46 sec mark, notice that the sax player is ready to play but doesn’t start playing right away but is rather listening for the appropriate time to jump in.

4. At about the 57 sec mark, notice that the piano player give nod to the sax player that he’s been noticed and that it’s time to make music together (and you can tell that she is excited about doing so)!

5. At about the 1.06 sec mark, the sax player jumps in because it was the right time to do so, starts playing a bit to feel out the groove, and starts to let it loose thereafter (during which time the piano player knows to fall back to support)!

6. After this point, there is a wonderful interplay of musical conversations going back and forth between the piano player and the sax player until they both decided musically that it was time to land the plane.

7. Last but certainly not least, notice that throughout this video that many people stopped to watch and enjoy this moment because a display of this kind of “unscripted” musical expertise was one worthy of them doing so!

So then, how did all of this beautiful stuff happen?? Well among many factors, one of the main ones certainly is that both of these people were those that had expertise in the fundamentals of music (in this case, knowledge of the blues format, various scales, etc.). Otherwise, they simply would not have been able to spontaneously create music together like they did.

Again, it is indeed like music to live out a faith pleasing to God, a faith that is unscripted! For though the fundamentals of our faith is not the ultimate purpose of our faith, nevertheless, we cannot be those truly freed to experience and harness all that Jesus made available to us unless we are those who have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of our faith (especially that of knowing well, God’s word).

So let’s be committed to be those who are able to wisely and skillfully apply the truths of the Lord in every variable and circumstance of life and relationships because we are those that know well, the truths that we are trying to apply! Or in other words, let’s be those who can jam with the Holy Spirit!