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Jesus Jams

Weekly Devotionals

Jesus Jams

Hebrews 13:8- Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Though not as well as I would like, I’ve been playing guitar for like three decades (wow, do I feel old saying that~~). Now for a guitar player, what is arguably the most annoying thing is a guitar that easily goes out of tune (bad intonation where the guitar is out of tune at various points along the fret board and high action where the strings of the guitar are too far off the fret board, would probably round out the top three of guitar annoyances). This is so annoying that no matter how much one might love playing the guitar, if they had to play a guitar like this, they frankly probably wouldn’t.

I mention this because this is why I love Jesus so much!! For we are the annoying guitar, always going out of tune. No matter how much we get tuned up, it doesn’t take much to get us out of tune. One moment we are happy. A second later, we are mad. One moment we are thankful. In the next breath, we are complaining like it’s going out of style. One moment we are so caring to another. In the next, we are ready to cut the other out of our lives. Do you know what I mean?? Unfortunately, I know that you do, and that you do very well, just like I know all too well myself. 🙁 YET STILL, Jesus doesn’t give up on “tuning us up”!! Always faithful to do so!! Always willing and wanting to “play” us to make His music through us, no matter how badly our heartstrings always go out of whack!! PTL!!!

Now as good as this is, there’s even more as to why I love Jesus and why you should too! For not only is He faithful to always tune us up, He Himself is the Guitar that NEVER GOES OUT OF TUNE. That no matter the times, or the circumstances, or the difficulties, locally or globally, no matter how much we’ve complained to Him about Him, no matter if we even try to forcibly turn the heads of His tuning machines to throw him out of sync, to try and prove Him unworthy, as our passage states, Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever!! That nothing can change or will ever be able to change the PERFECT MUSIC of truth and love, of mercy and compassion, of forgiveness and salvation, of peace and rest, of joy and hope, or life and life abundant, that flows from Him!! PTL!!!

So let’s take heart knowing that despite us, Jesus will always make a beautiful tune come from us. As well as us wanting to grow closer to Him so that we can experience more and more of the perfect music that always and forever, will come from Him!! AMEN!!!

Your Fellow Annoying Guitar.