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Weekly Devotionals

Jubilee, Like A Flowing River…

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells. – Psalm 46:4

As an elder of the Jubilee Church, I have the privilege of sharing a bit of Jubilee’s story  during our newcomer’s orientation. I have done it probably hundreds of times, and I know it by heart by now, and yet, every time, it gives me an immense joy to share our church’s story. I suspect that the reason it never gets old, is, besides the “sharing with others” element, it’s partly because it keeps constantly reminding me of our church’s identity and ethos. It’s important that we remember who we are…

And one aspect of who we are is that we are a very transient church. The international community in Seoul does not usually have a permanent plan in Korea, and reflecting that, the average tenure of a “Jubilarian” is about 3 years in our community.

In the early days, the leadership found this a bit troubling. We trained and equipped people and when we thought we could pass on the baton… it was time for them to go. Not only it was sad to see forged relationships come to a pause, but frankly it was a bit tiring from a leadership perspective.

With time however, we really learned to embrace that DNA of our church. We realized that it actually dovetails nicely with our vision of being a missional church: people come, get blessed and transformed, and go out to bless others in return, whether it is back in their hometowns, or their next journey destination… like a river of fresh water constantly flowing…

So while the pain of seeing friends leave never gets easy. we feel a certain assurance of purpose, and God’s divine appointment and Kairos timing.

For all of you in our community who is staying behind and having to say  goodbyes, don’t be too sad…Embrace this Jubilee’s identity, as we send our brothers and sisters off. They will go to be a blessing.

And for our friends who are leaving… thank you for having been a bright light in our community. While temporal in your stay, your have made eternal consequences in building God’s Kingdom in your Jubilee time.