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Just Illuminate

Weekly Devotionals

Just Illuminate

As an educator, it is part of our craft to make sure that we never stop learning. Not only do we need to fully understand our subject matter, but we need to master it to the level where we almost outgrow it.  Then, we push and challenge and eventually evolve the curriculum to the next level.  Part of this process is learning to be a student yourself.  We regularly attend conferences, participate in webinars, and occasionally read for our own betterment.  We call this “professional development.”  (PD)

At our school, we seasonally have PD days peppered throughout the year, and the topics vary in content in order to provide a comprehensive learning experience.  This week, we spent time discussing Learning Communities and the variety of methods we can incorporate technology into our classrooms.  But we also spent the morning on the topic of Biblical Illumination.   As Christian educators at a Christian institution, we are regularly challenged to “integrate” the Bible into our everyday lives and lessons.  Up until this week, our PD sessions questioned our level of integration, and then provided practical methods of how to do it better.  However, this time around, rather than “integrate,” we were confronted with the task to “illuminate.”

What’s the difference?

Integration suggests that we are trying to “inject” the teachings of God into the lessons we have already prepared for the day.  Illumination states that the Lord is already present in everything that we do.  It is just our job as His children to shine a light on it…a BIG freak’n light.

As a resource, we were shown a video about Bethlehem College & Seminary. The video is intended to share the strength and identity of their Christian Worldview Program.  However, it starts with something so relevant and meaningful for this devotional…and for our Christian walk.

“Beowulf.  The Fall of the Roman Empire.  Genesis 1.  Shakespeare.  Aristotle’s Ethics.  The Church.  Augustine’s Confessions.  The Covenant with Abraham.  Islam.  Homer’s Odyssey.  The Doctrines of Grace.  Renaissance Art.  Crime and Punishment.  The Letter to the Hebrews.  7,000 Unreached People Groups.  

What do all of these things have in common?  

All things hold together in Jesus Christ.

All things were made by Him, and all things were made for Him.

He is the coherence.

At Bethlehem College, when we talk about integration…we aren’t talking about creating an integration.

We are talking about seeing and delighting in the integration that already exists (illumination);

Seeing and delighting in the glory of Jesus Christ in all of His work and all of His Word.”  

Our PD session emphasized that rather than trying so hard to figure out how the God of the Universe exists in the theorems of Geometry, rather than forcing the splendor of his majesty into our Chemistry laboratories, instead of cramming the beauty of His Word into the entertaining calamity of Tom Sawyer…all we need to do is shine the light on what’s already there.

He is the coherence.

Regardless of your profession, no matter your trade, it is our responsibility to shine the light on the glory of God that is already embedded into everything that already exists.  All things were made by Him, and all things were made for Him.  So instead of figuring out how to “integrate” Jesus into you life…all you have to do instead is simply “illuminate.”

The video is below for your viewing, but only the first 90 seconds are referenced.