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Life is a Roller Coaster

Weekly Devotionals

Life is a Roller Coaster

Life is like a roller coaster. When we hear this simile, it often conjures thoughts regarding the ups and downs that we experience throughout our lives. And regardless of which high or low we face, typically neither lasts very long, which like this real thrill ride, can make us feel a little woozy. In my opinion, I think life should be like a roller coaster, but maybe not in the way you may think.

As I recently returned with our Jubilee Church 6th-12th grade students from a youth retreat, I reflected on the example that Jesus set forth for us in Scripture in how he “often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” (Luke 5:16)

Jesus was trying to get away as much as possible to retreat, to pray, to rest, and to be restored. One time in particular, Jesus took Peter, John and James to the mountain to pray. This is when the glorious transfiguration of Jesus took place along with the appearance of Moses and Elijah. When he finally woke up, Peter’s impulsive plan was to set up a shelter for each of them so they could stay and revel in the heavenly moment that just came upon them. Peter’s human plan was to stay as long as possible. But that was not God’s plan.

And thus, God’s plan through Jesus’ example for us was much like that of a roller coaster. Up the mountain, down the mountain. Up the mountain. Down the mountain. He showed us that both peak and vale carry great value.

And this is how life should be like a roller coaster for us.

First, and with great intention, we need to retreat. To steal away. To draw close to God in the secret place so that we can know him, hear him, and obey him better.

Second, we need to get back to the grind. Get back to our life and to reality. We need to absorb every bit of our retreat, but for all intensive purposes, it is to create momentum for us to be thrust back into our lives with the good news!

In Scripture, when we see Jesus return from his retreat, there is always something important meeting him, such as:
-When he chose his dream team in the 12 apostles
-When he left Galilee to spread the gospel even further
-When he left Galilee to spread the gospel even further
-The few times he met multitudes of people in need
-Or most importantly, right before he was arrested and made his way to the cross to take on the sins of the mankind.

And now, I encourage you do your best to sincerely and effectively retreat. And then, get back to the life that God has given you so that you can also be about your Father’s business. And in the midst of the ups and downs of life, adjust your perspective and remember this: Roller coasters are designed to be fun–so enjoy the ride!

Hands up!