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Missionary Update – Happy New Year from the Lim’s!

Weekly Devotionals

Missionary Update – Happy New Year from the Lim’s!

Hi friends and family!

Happy Lunar New Year. We hope this email finds you well.

It’s been a while since our last update. I think most people know that Miles’ adoption was approved in Korea. Thank you for all your prayers. So we are halfway done because we still need to finalize the adoption and get his US citizenship. To do that, we need to live with him in Korea 2 more years then establish residency in the US. Which means that there’s a high probability that we will be moving back after 2 more years.

To be honest, I was dreading 2016 and I can’t believe it’s already February. The reason why I was dreading 2016 so much was because we have lot of changes coming up this year. First, our lease ends in April and we will have to move out of our apartment. A grant for Five Two that we’ve been receiving for the past three years ended in 2015. And Jacob starts kindergarten this year. These are all related. Our finances will effect our housing, and where we are located will affect our kids school etc.

We were thinking of different options…can we send Jacob to international school like our friends or keep him at his Korean school? What if we move to a different neighborhood? Should we move farther away to find cheaper housing? These questions and thoughts were keeping me occupied since the end of last year, which also comes with worries and anxiety.

Early this year, we found out that Miles got into the same preschool that Jacob and Katherine attends. Unlike his siblings, he will be going for free since he is still a Korean citizen. When we received this news, we decided to stay in our neighborhood, down size, and I will get a job while kids are in school. Although this made sense to me, I didn’t have peace about the decision.

And just recently, Alex and I started sharing about how we want to spend our remaining time in Korea, assuming we move back after 2 years. I think more than anything, both of our hearts are in agreement that we want to serve our community before we leave. This doesn’t change anything about our situation, but just my perspective. Before, I was quick to make a decision on my own without any prayer or even asking others to pray with us. It was also based on money. How we can save and survive next two years, which felt so constraint and defeated. However, when my focus was changed from money to serving I felt more free and made it more clear on how to pray.

Like I said before, our situation hasn’t changed, but we want to serve our community according to the gifts that He blessed us with. We want to ask God to provide for us financially, for housing, and the needs of our children so that we can serve joyfully in Korea together as family instead of living in survival mode.

So I am sending this email out asking you all to pray along with us. I wanted to email when things are all figured out, so I could write more of an encouraging email on how God has provided for us, but I see how prideful I am not to ask for prayers in the process.

So here are our prayer requests:

1. Our housing: Our contract ends on April 17th and people are starting to come see our house. Please pray that we will find a perfect house in a perfect location that fits our budget.
2. I am looking for a part time or freelancing job, so I can still pick up my kids from school in a reasonable time, run jazzberrymom and serve.
3. We really like the preschool that kids are currently attending. We would love to send all of our kids there. So, we really would like to stay in our neighborhood to keep the kids at their school, be close to church and our community.
4. Financial blessing for FiveTwo. We are still raising money for Miles’ adoption as well. Click here to support.
5. Wisdom for remaining time in Korea and when to move back to finalize our adoption.

Here are small updates on our kids:

Jacob is doing well. He is fully bi-lingual now and we are hoping he will continue to learn Korean. He is very active and talkative. He loves Legos, especially Star Wars, and is very into planets and galaxies. He is also getting into chess…yes, all Alex’s influence.

Katherine turned 3 today! We were going to have a small birthday party for her this past Saturday, but Jacob has a flu so we had to cancel (so sad). She is 95% potty trained. I say 95% because she pooped in the bathtub few nights ago and pooped in her pants this morning during her timeout. Just when we think she is100%, she proves us wrong. She is very independent, gets very proud of her accomplishments…putting on clothes and going potty herself. She also loves Miles, giving him kisses, hugs and wrestling him.

Miles will be 15 months soon. He is walking and eating like a champ! He is very active. He climbs, opens, and throws everything that he can get his hands on. He loves to laugh. He shouts to get attention from us and wants to do everything his siblings are doing.

So overall, we are all doing well and happy. Thanks you once again for your prayers, support and love for our family!


The Lims