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Weekly Devotionals

On the Same Boat with the One Who Controls the Storm

He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Mark 4:39-40

The month of April has been a roller coaster of a month for my family. In the beginning of the month, our daughter was rushed to the emergency room because her platelet count was critically low. She spent the night in the ER and we had to wait a week to see if the meds had worked. After a week, the doctor initially cleared her of her condition but told us we will need to monitor the condition for a bit, which is why we have been going to the hospital regularly since then.
All the while this is happening, my wife was about 38 weeks pregnant and the baby boy was ready to come out. Overall, it has been a difficult pregnancy and we were all ready to meet him. So, 10 days after our night in the ER, we met our baby boy. We were elated, but one of the first thoughts we found relief was that the baby boy didn’t come out while we were at the ER.
After bringing the baby boy home, day and night has had no meaning. We were in a loop of feeding the baby, wiping the baby, putting the baby to sleep, cleaning bottles, and us taking naps whenever we could. We were in a constant state of fatigue.
During all this, there were many moments of panic. What if our daughter’s condition is something serious? What if there are complications with the delivery of the baby boy? We were waking up in a middle of our nap to check to see if the baby boy was okay. 
Though there were multiple moments, each moment after another did not make the next any easier to deal with. Looking back at the month, it really was something miraculous that we were not completely consumed by our worries and panic. And we know for a certain that we were peaceful and calm as we were becuase we were actively being reminded of who God was and that he was with us. 
This week’s passages shows us that Jesus was on the boat the whole time but all those on the boat with him had forgotten who was on the boat with them. 
In a similar way for us, how many times in our storms of life, do we panic and worry because we forget who is with us? Or what about those times that we do remember but perhaps forget the extent of what he can do?
Of course, there are still moments where we worry for our daughter and everything that comes with a newborn in our home, but we choose to find and hold on to Jesus in the storms of life.
So, if you are currently in a storm, I want to encourage you to be reminded of two things this week: 1) Jesus is right there with you; You are not alone. 2) Jesus controls even the waves and the winds, so take comfort knowing no storms are bigger than Jesus.