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Only in the Potter’s Hands

Weekly Devotionals

Only in the Potter’s Hands

Isaiah 64:8- Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

There has been an article circulating on FB about how “Big Data” has been used to influence people throughout the world, and most recently in the U.S. elections. The article is fairly long but I found that it was worth the read. Here is the link to it.

Now the reason I share this with us here in the context of this devotion is because of the many things I gleaned from this article, one was the reminder of how intrinsically impressionable we are. That no matter the gender or race, people are intrinsically impressionable. That we are creatures made to be molded and shaped. So much so that this process of being molded is happening all the time within us, whether we acknowledge it or not. And in today’s world, especially through the media we allow into our minds whether intentionally OR unintentionally.

So as the song goes, indeed, “Be careful little eyes what you see… be careful little ears what you hear” not just because “the Father up above is looking down in love,” but also because of how much of what we see and hear, intentionally AND unintentionally, influences us, molds us, and shapes us.

In such, may this reality all the more motivate us to meditate on the words of our Lord day and night, pray without ceasing, and guard our hearts, so that we will be living to always present our intrinsically moldable selves only to the Lord. AMEN!

With Love.