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Weekly Devotionals

Pleasant Surprise

I hear that this time around is a quite an interesting time for many people (singles at least :D)  After the exciting Advent season and the new year’s celebration with many hopeful resolutions, this might be a time where people erase the last digit of the year from their new year’s resolution and get ready to use the same new year’s resolution list for the next year. As we’re already halfway through January, do you find yourself already getting tired or too busy to remember or do what you wished to do?

Especially in the area of our relationship with God, perhaps this is also where many of us may feel bad because our new year’s plan to read the Bible or pray more might already be not so great so far. There can definitely be many reasons behind this, and one of them may simply be needing more spiritual discipline in our lives.

However, perhaps, this might also be the time where God calls us to find His presence and work elsewhere in our lives.

Oftentimes, for some of us, we have become used to thinking of our relationship with God in a formulaic way where the more there is the input of x, y, and z, the more of the output of feeling certain things come out. And for some reason, when that formula doesn’t happen, we may feel a sense of disappointment or guilt that we didn’t “try hard enough.”

However, what I would like to challenge us with is that our God is so relational that our relationship does not function in a formula. Of course, there is power and beauty in reading God’s word and having a quiet time. But, perhaps, in this season, God’s calling us more in pausing. Perhaps this year, God calls us to practice community more. Perhaps, God calls us to be more grounded in the present. Whatever it may be, when we find ourselves stuck in failing once again to put it the “necessary” formula for us to see God’s work in our lives, perhaps this might be the best time for us to seek what may be new areas that God calls us to seek his presence so that we do not love him in a formula but in humility and wonder 🙂

Just like a child who wakes up early in the morning, excited for the day to come, I pray that we will be in the sense of renewed joy and excitement of what the Spirit will do in different areas of our lives this week.