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Pray for Nepal

Weekly Devotionals

Pray for Nepal

During my last year of seminary, a friend named Narbu invited me to Nepal he wanted me to see how God was moving in his country.  I invited friends from Torch and Jubilee to join me on a short trip.  We connected with church planters, college students, local seminaries, orphanages, schools and churches during our 10 day visit.

I met some of the most talented, brilliant and passionate Christians during our visit.  An elderly pastors shared his story with me, his life long struggle to evangelize his village.  He was mocked, humiliated, imprisoned and eventually asked to leave and never return.  I met a young passionate bible college student who couldn’t wait to be finished with his training so he can return to his hometown and share the gospel with his people.  Most of the pastors if not all were not supported by their church but they held multiple odd jobs to serve their people.  I got to work with a local Christian worship band led by an ex-hardcore punk rocker.  Whose heading-banging gave Ozze Osbourne run for his money.  During my short visit, I was challenged and encouraged to have met such an amazing group of Christians.

I wanted to share my story in light of what’s happened this past weekend.   The death toll continues to rise after a magnitude – 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday.  As soon as I heard the news my heart sank for my friends and others in Nepal.  I was relieved to hear that many of them are healthy and well.  Narbu is currently back in Korea to do his ThM at Torch so I messaged and He told me His wife and daughter are safe.  However more than 2,500 deaths have been confirmed as of today and that number will only rise as time passes.  Thousands of people are still trapped underneath collapsed buildings waiting to be rescued.  Many residents are now on the streets sleeping in open fields enduring the cold Himalayan nights hoping to avoid falling debris.

I want to ask for your prayers on behalf of my Nepalese brothers and sisters.  I hope as the people of God, we can come along side and serve them in this great time of need.  I pray that God will move our hearts to care, fast, intercede and give.

Here are some prayers points
1. Pray for restoration and rescue
2. Pray for salvation, only 2.85% of the population are known to be evangelical christians.
3. Pray for more people to give and serve our Nepalese brothers and sisters