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Relentless Pursuit

Weekly Devotionals

Relentless Pursuit

You, God, are my God,

   earnestly I seek you;

I thirst for you,

   my whole being longs for you,

in a dry and parched land

   where there is no water.          Psalm 63:1

These past few months, I’ve heard a few sermons that touch on true and honest prayer.  I encourage you to visit or revisit the following messages from our retreat speaker, Dan Baumann: Intimacy with God.  Also my friend John Lee who brought a team from Maryland (in the US) and spoke at WNS just after Dan Baumann:  Daring to Dream with God.  And most recently I heard this from Tim Keller: How To Deal With Dark Times.  What I’ve been gaining in all these talks is how persons of faith in the Bible talked and related with God in real terms.  There was no fake holy talk.  They came as they were before the Lord.  But no matter what, they always came to the Lord.

When you look at David, he always went to the Lord.  Even after committing the most atrocious sins of adultery and murder, he went back to the Lord.  He didn’t let guilt and shame stand in the way.  He presumed upon the gracious, forgiving nature of God.  And even if God wasn’t going to forgive Him, I still think David would have gone back to God anyway, because He had an understanding of “where else can I turn?”  When you look at Job, much of his prayers are complaints to the Lord and how he feels that he is unjustly suffering.  His prayers go right up to the point of accusing God.  And yet, in the end of the book, God says that Job has done no wrong, even though God confronts and rebukes Job.  All throughout, Job never leaves God; he keeps pursuing God.

David and Job get it.  Countless others in Scripture get it too.  Sometimes I don’t know if I get it.  There’s something that they understood about God, the nature of God.  I don’t know if they theologically contemplated this or if they just innately got it.  But I think what caused them to relentlessly pursue God was that they knew that God relentlessly pursued them.  All other so-called ‘gods’ are mute and deaf.  People pray and sacrifice to them, but there is no response.  Our God responds!  But not just that, our God initiates.  He created us.  After Adam and Eve sinned, He provided clothing (animal skins vs. their frail attempt with fig leaves).  He spoke to Abraham and made a covenant with Him.  He delivered the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.  He led them into the Promised Land and blessed them with abundance.  He forgave and was patient with their idolatry and rebellion for centuries.  They understood this about our God.

And now the climactic revelation of the relentless pursuing nature of our God is revealed in Jesus, Immanuel, the giving of Himself for humanity.  His life poured out for us.  And if that weren’t enough, He gives us His very presence in the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Our God is the God who gives, the God who initiates, the God who relentlessly pursues us.

My prayer is that we would all get it…that we would understand this in the depths of our being and respond in relentless pursuit, no matter what we’re going through, no matter how we feel, no matter what words may come out of our mouths.  Let’s go to the Lord.  Keep turning to Him.  Be relentless.  He is relentless.