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Rend Your Hearts

Weekly Devotionals

Rend Your Hearts

Joel 2:13

And rend your heart, and not your garments…

In Joel, the idea here is that garments would be torn off and sack cloth worn as an expression of extreme grief or sorrow.  But this was only an external expression and perhaps not necessarily something that is taking place in the heart.

What the Lord is calling for is then more than an external act, but rather an act of true repentance. A committing of our hearts wholly unto Him.

More often then not,  we catch ourselves saying, “I”m not going to do __________ anymore”  or “I’m going to start doing _____________ more”. “I’m not going to eat fried foods”, “I’m not going to smoke anymore”, I’m not going to be late anymore”… “I’m going to start praying more”, “I’m going to start giving more…” etc., And the matters could be much more personal and deeper than the examples I’ve given here. Fill in the blanks however you wish.

Recently, I’ve been reminded that so often we think it’s just a matter of putting our minds to it, or disciplining ourselves when it reality what’s required is a change of heart. In other words, we need to change the treasure of our hearts. What we value most is what we will spend most of our lives living for.

Christ is always ready to forgive. He is full of mercy, slow to anger and rich in love. He desires to be our greatest treasure, the One thing that we are willing to live for.

So today, let’s take a moment to ask ourselves where are those areas in our hearts that isn’t fully committed to Him and ask Him to be Lord over those areas of our lives.