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Weekly Devotionals

Sharing With Excitement

John 1:45 contains one of the longest conversations that Jesus had with anyone recorded in the gospels. In many ways the Samaritan woman’s response to meeting Jesus can be seen as a model for us. Why?

– She listens carefully and attentively to Jesus, seeking a fuller understanding of her faith, demonstrating a posture of discipleship

– She completely embraces the call to follow Jesus, leaving her water jar behind

– She returns to her community and shares, with excitement, her own experience with Jesus, inviting them to come and see for themselves.

She told others that Jesus is the Messiah before even any of Jesus’s disciples could do it, and “Many Samaritans from that city believed in him because of the woman’s testimony” (John 4:39).

God, let us this week be reminded of your love and the pouring out of your spirit into our lives, and let us overflow with your spirit so that your spirit may flow through us into the lives of others around us. Like the Samaritan woman, let us be a vessel for bringing salvation to others. Let us reignite our excitement in you and let this excitement lead us to sharing our faith with more people.

Have a blessed week!