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Weekly Devotionals

Sibling Love

Love one another with brotherly affection.

Romans 12:10

Of my three children, Joanna is already a teenager, so she likes to hang out with her friends more than her siblings and parents. But, the two younger ones, Juel and Juno, 7 and 6 respectively, are only 12 months apart, so they’re inseparable, like two peas in a pod. They share a room, where they share a bunkbed, and they share their toys, and they’re always playing together. Of course, like any brother and sister combo, they will also have their share of fights too, usually with Juel, the older one, ending up with the upper hand on her little brother, and the smaller one coming out of their room crying like a little baby. But, despite their occasional differences, they are each other’s best friend, and as a father, it’s always fun to see them interact.

One of the really interesting things I notice between those two is that although Juel will sometimes give Juno a hard time, she will never allow anyone else to do so. Juel has a couple of friends in the neighborhood, and once in a while Juno, who doesn’t have many friends around, likes to join in and play with them. However, Juel gets really upset with her friends because every time they play hide and seek or tag, her friends make Juno “it”, and they never do it themselves. Juel hates that because she feels like they’re messing with her little brother, and no one gets to mess with him except for her! Sometimes, they’d go out to play, but then they’d be home 5 minutes later, and when I ask why they’re back so soon, she’d say it’s because her friends are trying to take advantage of her brother, so she’d rather not play with friends like that if they’re mean to him.

When I think of our relationships in church, I feel like we should be more real with one another like real sisters and brothers in Christ. Perhaps in our discussions with one another, we’ve gotten so accustomed to not offending others, so the only language we know how to speak is superficial “Christianese”. However, real love is allowing each other to get into each other’s mess, and opening up in real ways, while still knowing how to enjoy each other’s company. And when the world tries to beat up on your sister or brother, we should be the ones that they come back to, so we can love and take care fof each other.

This week, I’d like to challenge you guys to reach out to a brother or sister in our church community. Have a meal or coffee with them. Spend some time sharing your heart, and lend an ear to someone who needs to get something off their chest. As Romans 12:10 says, let’s find the time and effort to love someone with true brotherly affection.