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Weekly Devotionals


John 21:1-19

Lately I’ve been in a season of reflection.  Throughout the Epistles, Paul calls us to be sober-minded people.  But, I realized that I need to create space in my life order for me to think clearly.  I think that being sober-minded in this day and age is harder than ever.  We live in a time where we are bombarded and often overloaded with information.  Living in Seoul, one of the densest cities per capita in the world, makes it especially hard.  Whether we are conscious or not, we are constantly stimulated by noises, ads, people bumping us, etc. etc.  These things take up space in our minds and our souls.  If our lives were to be represented by buckets, we’d all have all sorts of things filling our vessels up whether we liked it or not.  The Bible says that what is sown in the spirit will reap unto eternity and what is sown in the flesh will only reap death.  I want my bucket to be filled with the things that will give me life!

Today, Pastor Drew used Peter’s triple denial to speak about dealing with the monster inside of us it only reinforced the fact that I need to find the real me.  Jesus called him Simon Peter rather than Cephas to show that he was interested in who he actually was rather than who he aspired to be.  Only then was Peter able to receive grace and be commissioned with the approval of Jesus himself!  My takeaway?  I need to be brutally honest with myself with who I am and especially who I am NOT and then, and only then, will I begin my rehabilitation in Christ.

So this is obviously a tricky thing, but I deep down inside I know that if I put Christ at the center of my priorities that somehow it will work itself out.  I hope that some of you can do the same!  I urge you all as readers to be diligent in your pursuit of Jesus.  One thing I’ve been confessing is that I don’t think I truly know how to encounter Jesus regularly.  If I did, I think that it would be much easier for me to want to spend time with me.  Sadly more often than not, it seems like a chore.

I know it seems cliche for me as the worship pastor to leave you guys with a song in conjunction with the season I’m in but I’d like to bless you with it.  If you went to our retreat you may remember us sing it there and we do it sometimes at WNS as well.

Daniel Basthta’s – Pursuit

Bless you in the name of Jesus.