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Song Lyrics from the Sermon

Weekly Devotionals

Song Lyrics from the Sermon

Hey everybody,

I’ve been told that the song lyrics were difficult to hear and discern in this past Sunday’s sermon.  Here they are for you.  Be blessed!

“Picking Sides” by Justin McRoberts

I did not endorse your candidate; I do not support the wars you wage
I am not the spirit of your new movement
I am the Lord Your God

I am not the god of theology; I am not the image you make of me
I am not the fruit of your deepest thinking
I am the Lord your God

You’re only picking sides
In a war between two fools
You should know before the fighting begins
That it’s a war you’re bound to lose

I will choose the weak ones despite your strength
I will love the hated despite your hate
I am not persuaded by your fear and anger
I am the Lord your God

And I do not like the way you use my name